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What can a photograph really do?



They say that a picture paints a thousand words.

"They" are dramatically underestimating the power of a picture.

When a skilled photographer is involved, a picture can evoke emotion, memory, aspirations, and empathy. They can move us through time and space, to a place where life is as it was in our childhoods, or to what it can be in years yet to come. We can live vicariously though our own past selves, or put our children's faces on our future.

A thousand words? Amateurs. I see your thousand words and raise you a moment in time.

The trick is finding someone who can catch your light, and make it work. There are pictures you share with your friends on Instagram, and then there are pictures that you share with the world, for the world to say,


We aim to be the latter. I will make it my personal mission to show you, and the world, the very best You.


James C. Kling - Portland/Vancouver area PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER

James was a pleasure to work with. Very easy going and helped me get the great shots I was looking for!

-Summer, professional model 2019

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